Some projects I work on or/and are worth mentioning


heads is the libre privacy distro. It's is loosely based around the concepts of Tails. It is built upon Devuan as a base distro.


Devuan's Simple Distro Kit. Based around a shell script library called libdevuansdk, wrappers are easy to code and create distro derivatives.


Devuan's apt repo merger. A tool used to stack deb-based repositories on top of each other while keeping priorities and banning packages.


The Privacy Hub for the Internet of Things. Awareness of the context of your network. Made easy.


Devuan is the distro of choice for people that want current Debian without systemd. On top of that, I maintain a build framework for a plethora of ARM devices.

Use{ful,less} service to shorten links in an ephemeral way. First come first serve.

Arch Linux, systemd free

Our effort to kick systemd out of Arch Linux. Currently, we have OpenRC working extremely stable with Arch, and also offering an installation ISO which gets your Arch running with OpenRC from the very beginning!


mars is the way this website is maintained :)


Encrypted LAN file storage made easy. Using tomb, encrypted containers are created and easily unlocked using one of your USB sticks.